Flat roofs are generally concrete roofs, a popular form of construction. The problem is that concrete is not waterproof, so a waterproof membrane is fitter over the concrete surface to seal it. The best way to seal it is a torch-on system (applied with a gas flame) and then an aluminium coating to protect it from the sun.

This should last 10 years but it needs to be maintained. If the aluminum coating gets damaged, the sun will perish the waterproofing below. The overlapping sheets of waterproofing can also fray because of the movement in the roof. It sounds strange but the the roof does expand and contract in the heat!

A lot of companies do not do the maintenance regularly so if it has been more than 2 years since your last check, then there is a high risk or a problem.

If you have a waterproofing problem, let us come and do a a comprehensive assessment. There is no cost for the assessment and it could save you a headache in the long run. Can you afford to wait? Contact Us today.